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The Power of Print

The Power of Print

The Creatura Meta-Analysis on the advertising impact of print

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The Power of Print - Metaanalyse zur Werbewirksamkeit von Print

Insights for successful marketing

Anyone who deals with print communication in their daily work – be it advertising or marketing manager, product or brand manager, creative or buyer – in short anyone who wants to use his or her budget profitably, and not just show off, will find inspiration for a successful marketing strategy in the Creatura Meta-Analysis.

The Power of Print - Metaanalyse zur Werbewirksamkeit von Print

Practice-relevant findings from over 300 studies

Thanks to psychological research and neuroscience, we have a deeper understanding of how people’s perceptions and emotions arise, how they make (buying) decisions and the important role played by print media play in these processes.

But if you want to make effective use of the psychological advantages of print and its technical possibilities in the digital age, you need sound knowledge and guidance.

The Power of Print - Metaanalyse zur Werbewirksamkeit von Print

For this reason, the Creatura Team commissioned the Multisense Institute to analyse more than 300 international studies on the advertising impact of print and print finishing for over a year.

The world's first meta-analysis on this topic brings order to the diversity of scientific findings and technological possibilities.

The meta-analysis THE POWER OF PRINT shows how brands increase their success with print.


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THE POWER OF PRINT is a joint project of 9 companies that participated in the meta-analysis and made it possible.

Fachverband Medienproduktioner

Fachverband Medienproduktion e.V. (German Media Production Association – f:mp.) brings together the practical knowledge and expertise of the communications industry. The aim is to boost the sector through recommendations for action, the promotion of innovative technologies and concepts and competent knowledge transfer.  www.f-mp.de

Gräfe Druckveredelung

The finishing company GRÄFE Druckveredelung, together with its sister company LEISSING Druckveredelung and its agency GRÄFE ATELIER, has set itself the task of developing and producing effective print products. As an expert for metallization by embossing foil printing, cold foil transfer and holograms as well as haptic elements by means of relief, structure and blind embossing in combination with other finishing processes, GRÄFE Druckveredelung supports companies and brands throughout the German-speaking region. With its tailor-made consulting services and a successful combination of manufacturing and industrial production, it provides support in sustainably implementing multisensory brand profiles.  www.graefe-gruppe.de

Heidenreich Print

Heidenreich Print focusses on high-quality, multisensory print products. The company is one of the market‘s top performers in the field of UV offset and hybrid printing and effects in particular. The Heidenreich Team is able to master complex finishing processes from scratch, providing support and advice to companies and brands who want to create sophisticated and effective finished print products.  www.heidenreich-print.de

ORO Promotion

ORO PROMOTION - A brand of HEIDENREICH PRINT GmbH – specializes in combining print, print enhancement and innovative finishes. Mailing and promotional products such as scratch cards or self-mailers with response elements are created under the umbrella of the brand. In the combination of print finishing and innovative processing techniques as well as intensive consulting, the company realizes complex print products with multisensory effects. www.oro-promotion.de


Communication that can be grasped has a perceptible impact on turnover. Touchmore ensures than companies can leverage the haptic effect. The award-winning haptics experts from Bergisches Land in North Rhine-Westphalia have been developing innovative media campaigns and concepts for new customer acquisition, dialog marketing as well as trade fair and event communication since 1995.  www.touchmore.de

vogt Foliendruck

Vogt Foliendruck specializes in special print products with high-end finishes in the films segment. The company designs and manufactures eye-catching products with multisensory effects such as lenticulars or plastic cards. Vogt Foliendruck‘s many solutions for the individual requirements of companies and brands focus on targeted and congruent sensory expression from product development to the finished print product. www.vogt-druck.de

Sappi Europe

Sappi Europe SA is the leading European manufacturer of specialty papers and cartons for packaging as well as coated fine paper that generate haptic and other multisensory effects. 

Sappi products and solutions are known for their high level of innovation and quality. The innovative specialty papers and boards enable efficient and sustainable packaging solutions. Flexible packaging, labels and labels, functional papers, paperboard and containerboard are excellently processed, enable excellent shelf presentation and multisensory brand communication. The packaging materials are not only sustainable and environmentally friendly but also boast additional integrated functionalities such as barrier properties and sealability. 

The range of coated and uncoated graphic printing papers covers a broad spectrum of visual and tactile requirements. For brands and companies, there are solutions for all print products from exclusive high-end paper to comprehensive solutions for the entire print campaign to high-volume paper that saves paper and shipping costs. All papers are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and offer reliability, consistency and sustainability.

Sappi employs around 12,500 people and has production facilities on three continents, sales offices in 50 countries and customers in more than 150 countries. www.sappi.com


Konica Minolta is an integrated provider of IT services, software, and hardware solutions. In the context of print and multi-sensor technology, companies and brands benefit both from many years of experience in the offset sector and from the expertise Konica Minolta has gained as a leading manufacturer in professional digital printing. Konica Minolta is also a trailblazer in UV inkjet technology and digital solutions for print finishing. 

In addition to technical expertise, Konica Minolta is a specialist in the graphic arts industry with in-depth expertise on how future developments will impact production processes and which innovative technologies are most promising for long-term success in the printing and communications market.  www.konicaminolta.de

Achilles veredelt

With around 50 different types of finishing, Achilles veredelt of the Achilles Group creates multi-sensorial print products that are not only visually striking, but also appeal to all the senses. In addition to film lamination, the company‘s specialties include haptic screen-printing effects, embossing, metallized films, packaging finishing, technical finishing, sealing and wide-ranging capacity, even in large formats. 

As one of the leading paper finishers and manufacturers of high-quality presentation products, the Achilles Group is increasingly focusing on digital finishing, which enables cost-effective production of even small runs of finished print products, as well as on finishing effects using sustainable raw materials.

With around 650 employees at 12 locations in Germany and six branches abroad, the Group is always close to its customers.  achilles-veredelt